A Japanese individual who appealed to the 65 member countries of the United Nations concerning the evil of war and the importance of peace, presented the United Nations headquarters withe the World Peace Bell made from the coins and medals which had been donated by these member countries in 1954 in the hope that everlasting worl peace will be realize.

This society asked to every country in the world to the offer of the coin to succeed to this outline. The agreement from 106 countries in the world is obtained, the World Peace Bell is made, and the movement by which the Bell of the same outline as the United Nations is donated to all over the world is promoted.



In the area where the bell is set up, the place where the map does the point is different from the place with the bell actually.
"The World Peace Bell" is displayed in a bigger map.

[ Japan ]

1. Ishigaki Island, Okinawa
2. Soya Misaki/Cape Soya, Wakkanai, Hokkaido
3. Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park, Osaka
4. Amazaki Motohama Ryokuchi Park, Hyogo
5. Hieizan Enryaku-ji Temple, Mount Hiei, Shiga

[ Oversea ]

1. U.N. Headquarters, U.S.A. (USA)
2. Berlin, Germany
3. Warsaw, Poland
4. Ankara, Turkey
5. Ottawa, Canada
6. Mexico City, Mexico
7. Brazil City, Brazil
8. Ulan Bator, Mongolia
9. Cowra, Australia
10. Quezon City, Phillippines
11. Buenos Aires, Argentina
12. Quito, Ecuador
13. Los Angeles, U.S.A.
14. Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain
15. Tashkent, Uzbekistan
16. Christchurch, New Zealand



The World Peace Bell is introduced in the world. Please refer to the introduced part.

The Los Angeles Public Library's HP

The importance of the World Peace Bell as an international symbol of peace and our associations mission is explained and included in the public art home page of the Los Angesles public library.

Public Art in the Los Angeles Public Library

The World Peace Bell

Maguire Gardens, facing Figueroa St.
The plaque at the bell reads:
The World Peace Bell is an internationally recognized symbol of world peace. The bell is cast from coins and medals donated by 103 countries and represents a common bond among the nations of the world.
The World Peace Bell Association, based in Tokyo, Japan, works closely with the United Nations in an effort to develop friendly relations among nations and raise awareness about the importance of international cooperation. The goal of the Association is to provide a World Peace Bell to all nations of the world in order to promote a worldwide synergy of peace and understanding that will safeguard the futures of the world's children.
The World Peace Bell is rung annually by the United Nations Secretary General on the opening of the General Assembly in a prayer for world peace.
The World Peace Bell is hereby dedicated to the people and the City of Los Angeles as a lasting tribute to the commitment of world peace and international understanding.

Dedicated to the City of Los Angeles, January 26, 2001.
Richard J. Riordan, Mayor, The City of Los Angeles.

Tomijiro Yoshida, President, The World Peace Bell Association.

Berlin City's HP

  Peace Bell in the Japanese Garden

The Japanese Pavilion with its famous peace bell is situated between the two green hills of the Großer and the Kleiner Bunkerberg (Mount Klamott). The bell was given to the East Berlin municipal authorities in 1989 as a gift of the Japanese World Peace Bell Association. The bell was created as a symbol of unity against nuclear war.